Aa Driving School Franchise Agreement

 8 April 2021      

This franchise was voted National Driving School of the Year in 2018, and says its instructors earn an average of 25.4 per cent — or $176.21 — more per week than independent instructors, so it`s a great franchise to be a part of it. There is no simple answer to this question, as the cost depends on the driving instructor franchise model you choose. Another decision – and this can be where it gets difficult – you have to find which of the franchise options is best for your business model. Our performance calculator is a really useful tool for making these sums. The decision to become a driving instructor is only halfway through and the way your driving instructor business will operate is an even more important step. From the car only to the full franchise, you`ll see a huge amount of options and knowing what the right driving instructor franchise can be seriously difficult. Of course, the compensation potential mentioned above will be proportionally lower or higher, depending on the rate of education you can calculate or be able to command in practice. It would probably be unrealistic to expect this potential return in the first year of business creation. However, it serves to illustrate how you can calculate your potential income as LDC auto-school instructors.

Being part of our franchise is more than branded car rental and administrative support (although it goes without saying). We are proud to take care of you. As a member of the franchise, you therefore have these advantages: yes, the AA Driving School division of the British automobile company operates a franchise model that allows investors to become driving instructors in their environment. There are three options for potential franchisees: the standard franchise option; The miles deductible option; and the vehicle option. Let`s take a closer look at each of them. If you want to get away from your desk and meet new faces every day, you should consider becoming a driving instructor. We`ll see if there are currently franchise opportunities from the AA Driving School and how you can handle the brand. There is a wide variety of auto-schools there, and many of them are franchising.

So we`ve put together a list of four of the best franchise opportunities for driving instructors. Our franchise revenue calculator can also help estimate the cost of Instructor`s franchises.