Kent County Council Framework Agreement

 10 April 2021      

FM Conway will itself supply materials from its asphalt plant in Erith to increase cost-effectiveness for Kent County Council. The company will also focus on increasing recycled content in the Council`s surface area of roads, aligning with best environmental practices and improving the overall sustainability of the network. If necessary, the Authority makes joint purchases with other fire and rescue authorities. The Authority also uses framework agreements and contracts from other agencies on behalf of .B public authorities, for example: Crown Commercial Service, Kent County Council, Laser Energy Buying Group, the Consortium and others. KCS Professional Services is a commercial commercial services unit wholly owned by Kent County Council (KCC). Our roots go back to 1902, when KCC stores realized they could use open space and store large quantities of books and equipment, and since then we have become one of the largest public sector trade organizations in Europe. Located in a 100,000ft2 warehouse/offices at the gates of Maidstone in Kent, we offer services and setting conditions for a varied mix of public facilities. Paul Padfield, surface manager at FM Conway, said the company looks forward to securing the future of Kent County Council`s road network and providing a seamless service to road users: “As our climate becomes more extreme and unpredictable, our work will cover both reactive pothole repairs and planned maintenance to ensure that we provide our customers with a full service and that we provide the best experience for road users. We are also working with the Landratsamt to reduce the environmental impact of its roads by incorporating recycled materials into the surface layer of the road network. To use any of the frameworks or for more information, please contact the executive management team in by email. The main infrastructure company, FM Conway, has been awarded a two-year contract to repair pothole repairs with Kent County Council. The order provides that FM Conway, from its Sevenoaks site, delivers high-quality repair work in its home district.

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