Rsa Security Maintenance Agreement

 12 April 2021      

The Design Assistance Engineer (DSE) has specialized technical know-how and is personally responsible for remotely solving issues and problems related to specific products. Your DSE brings complete software know-how to your environment. In addition to enhanced support, the Designated Support Engineer program adds the following features: This value-based option is ideal for non-critical environments where remote support during business hours meets your needs. With Basic Support, you have total control over on-site service execution, from installation to software upgrade. RSA support experts help you solve problems and provide you with patches and updates. As with all service levels, you can report problems, raise errors and receive online help 24 hours a day via RSA Link. RSA`s Software Port Term Directive sets a period of at least three years for the main support for the main versions of the product, the conclusion of which marks the end of the main support (EOPS). Extended support may be available for some product versions. Advanced support is a period after EOPS where customers can pay extra to extend their support coverage, instead of migrating to a newer version of the software before EOPS. For more information, see the availability of advanced support for RSA products on the product lifecycle page. In addition to Enhanced, the Service Account Managers (SAM) support option adds the following features: If you have a contract with RSA Professional Services to develop custom applications, RSA`s technical support offers this Cas option based on the original custom application field for additional annual costs under a separate support contract. Most custom apps use RSA toolboxes and APIs. The consulting support group in RSA Technical Support is the most appropriate to provide this support.

RSA Professional Services includes support consulting engineers during the custom application design process, so RSA can develop a custom application that can be fully supported. When RSA Professional Services provides specifications and offers for a custom software development project via a professional services statement, they contain a personalized support agreement.