Teachers Settlement Agreement 2020

 13 April 2021      

5.1 This agreement enters into force on the date it is signed by the Secretary and National Secretary NZEI Te Riu Roa. In order to avoid any doubt, the new teachers` pay rates will apply from 12 February 2020, provided that the amendment to the collective agreement for support staff is ratified by 3 July 2020. Most teachers will eventually get sick. This document contains provisions relating to sick pay and teacher sick leave. It sets provisions for work tasks, working time and teacher coverage and is defined by the government in light of the recommendations of the Teachers` Review Board. Of the 80 assistants (from a representative sample of schools), 55% were temporary. Data from 2017 showed that 67% of teachers had fixed-term contracts. Most fixed-term contracts have a term of 12 months, with the beginning and end of the school year. The main reasons cited by the teachers and facilitators interviewed were the funding constraints associated with the operating grant and the funding of the ORS. 3.1 The Professional Learning and Teacher Development Fund under the School Support Staff Collective Agreement will be improved, bringing the fund from $0.790 million to $2.290 million over 18 months, with an effective implementation date of July 1, 2020. This fund will support the acquisition of teachers` professional development, including, but not only, the funding of participation in training and/or training opportunities.

He said the question of how many substitute teachers would be paid before the end of the term would be based on the work they had done from January to March 2020. 5.2 This agreement will no longer have an effect if the amendment to the collective agreement for support staff is not ratified by July 3, 2020. 5.1 The parties agree to include in the collective agreement a new clause 2.5.1A:2.5.1A From [ratification date] subject to item 2.4.2 and notwithstanding clause 2.5.1 above, For workers who routinely work in the “Teacher`s Assistant Matrix” table in paragraph 3A.3.3, whether or not they are qualified as teaching assistants, the employer`s ability to vary the worker`s schedules and/or weeks per year is limited to a maximum variation of 25% of the hours and/or weeks the worker currently employs over a 12-month period. For every deviation of more than 25%, the provisions of point 10.2 apply. Employers and employees may agree to vary the hours of work and/or weeks worked each year beyond the maximum of 25%. If this is consensual, clause 10.2 does not apply. The terms of the transaction agreement specify how and when the employer will use the agreed reference.