Training Agreement Chartered Accountant

 13 April 2021      

ICAEW`s accountants need a good mix of knowledge, skills and work experience. To follow in the footsteps of our members and become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, you must complete our world-renowned ACA qualification. The ACA has four built-in components that have been carefully designed to build on each other. This means that you develop the skills and know-how you need while you go through your training. Do not accept an offer elsewhere without first discussing your training, development and reasons for wanting to go with your QPRT or advisor. It is specific to your ACA training and is not the same as an employment contract. The agreement describes the support you receive from your employer and what is expected of you in return for your training. If you do not currently have a training agreement, search our training centre website for a list of organizations offering ACA training: Once you have completed your ACA training, you can become a member of the ICAEW and use the letters ACA according to your name and be recognized as an accountant. ICAEW members have access to a variety of groups and networks, a first-class library, resources and events to maintain and enhance your professional development throughout your career. It also provides a structure for the training process and provides a definite starting and finishing point – so you know when a student is going to finish their studies. This bilateral agreement between you and your students describes the support you will provide (for example. B paid education, study leave and tutoring) and what you expect from them.

To determine if you are able to complete ACA training, you should consider a number of basic skills that employers will be looking for. Commitment, self-motivation, teamwork, communication, problem-solving skills and business awareness are essential. Think about how to provide examples and stories to illustrate these examples, ideally outside of academia – work experience, part-time work, leisure or volunteering are important to employers, even if they are not related to accounting. The Institute takes students very seriously who stick to a written obligation to contract training. While we are aware that students are not able to sign legal training contracts before graduation, any student who has accepted a written offer cannot follow or accept other subsequent proposals. To qualify as a certification body, you will need at least 450 days of hands-on experience.