Zurich Double Option Agreement

 16 April 2021      

All changes to these Terms and Conditions and any conflicting or complementary agreements are subject to the signature and signature of Zurich Instruments AG. The treaty and all disputes arising from it are governed by Swiss law, with exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction before the courts in Zurich, canton of Zurich, Switzerland. The purchaser must bring an action within one (1) year after the delimitation of this dispute, in connection with any disputes that the buyer may have in this regard. Zurich Instruments AG offers are valid for 30 days from the date of exposure if no other clause is displayed. All offers are non-binding, i.e. the seller reserves the right to accept or refuse on the basis of the offer. Orders are validated by the law by written confirmation, the content of which is exclusively final for the contractual contract. Telephone or oral agreements and agreements with sellers must be confirmed in writing. Below are defined the general terms of sale that control all purchases of Zurich Instruments AG, CH-8005 Zurich, Switzerland, also called sellers. These terms and conditions of sale prevail over all other conditions, including the purchase agreement of the purchaser, and may only be repealed or amended by a written agreement between the authorized representatives of the Seller and the Buyer.

They also apply to all future relationships between the parties, even if they are not expressly agreed upon. If a request or order makes another customer`s terms known, they are not here to be accepted. Zurich Instruments SA reserves all copyrights, patents, software rights and other property rights over products. The warranty is extinguished when: (a) material or processing defects or damage are caused by repairs or modifications made or attempted by Zurich Instruments AG; (b) the damage is due to misuse, inadequate integration or inadequate maintenance, including the lack of upgrade to supported software versions, (c) dismantling testing and (d) disassembly of the product. Zurich Instruments AG is not liable for damage to other sales products, including third-party claims, and is limited to the refund of the purchase price. Zurich Instruments AG is in no way responsible for any consequential damage or incidental damage. The buyer defends and releases Zurich Instruments AG from any claim based on a subsequent resale of the products by the customer or on the sale by the purchaser of one of its products containing the products of Zurich Instruments AG. The calculations of the buyer with justified counter-claims are excluded. Claims of the guarantee or alleged defects, legitimized by the purchaser, do not exempt the purchaser from the obligation to pay until a court decision. All invoices are deposited within thirty (30) days from the billing date and in the billing currency on the corresponding zurich Instruments AG bank account, unless Zurich Instruments AG agrees otherwise.