Adobe Sign The Agreement Id Specified Is Invalid

 8 September 2021      

I use the “Manage all Adobe Sign agreements in a SharePoint list” template. Everything is ready for me, except for my list, which I add. When I try to run the stream, I run into error 404: Action: `The ID of the specified agreement is invalid`. I see that you have opened a sclerosis case in question for this problem, which seems to me to be right in this scenario. I see that the publisher is Adobe Inc. (, so we might have to include them. I would say, let`s continue with the matter. Error clicking the View Agreement tab under the entire Salesforce agreement. Only the sender of the agreement can view agreements in Salesforce according to version 18 and later.

This happens when the user who did not participate in the transaction tries to view the agreement from the entire Salesforce agreement. “Document Cloud API returned an error: INVALID_TARGET_OBJECT: invalid convention id.” Can you ask me for the signature URL by inbox (AND NOT POST HERE) so I can take a look at it? Your error indicates that the agreement ID is not valid, so you will likely have a formatting/syntax issue in the flow actions that access the agreement ID. If you could provide an extended screenshot of your feeds and steps, as well as detailed error messages you receive, we could probably help you better. 3. If not 2, has the agreement owner shared the agreement with you? My client cannot sign an agreement because she receives the message “Contract ID is invalid”. Loads a file as a temporary document used to create templates or agreements. Hey for everyone who has this problem. The problem I had was first in my expectations for the Adobe API. You cannot view “all” agreements in an account.

Even if you have privileges at the account level. It is not a business. for security reasons. Instead, you can view all the agreements in an account for a specific x-api user listed in the header. The x-api user must be the sender of the original document(s). This makes it possible to request the account of people and to return the agreements. I hope it helps someone. Adobe Sign`s native flow connector cannot successfully perform the “Retrieve form field data” action if the original sender is someone other than the owner of the Flow account who is trying to perform the action.

From what I have been able to gather help, it is for an unfathomable reason. This means that the connector is only useful for personal flows and destroys any hope of native processing of AdobeSign agreements in an enterprise environment. Adobe needs to fix it! If that doesn`t help, tell us exactly how you created the document and sent it for signature. 4. Do you pass the x-api user header? (See:!/agreements/getAgreements) I have a similar problem. I am a group administrator for the group and the error “The specified contract ID is invalid” is only displayed in a few cases, but not in all cases. I`m pretty new to using the Adobe Sign API, but I`m trying to get an agreement on the API with a get to request. Agreements/ID agreement.

These are not “my” agreements – I am neither the sender nor a participant. However, my integration tag for my account is set to “agreement_read”. Are there any additional privileges I need to withdraw something for my account? I can`t sign a contract because I have this signal: the contract ID indicated is not valid. What does that mean? How do I sign the contract? If you receive the “Invalid id” error, please refer to this help document Retrieve an “Invalid user id or email provided in the x-api-user header” bug when sending the agreement. It is recommended that the user use the signed PDF attached under the contract folder to view the contract. After the account exits, other users can view agreements on the Adobe Sign account, but not in SalesForce. Version 18 and above, as it does not support account sharing. You can find information about some errors returned by the Adobe Sign API under the Adobe Sign API. . . .