Airports Bilateral Agreements

 10 September 2021      

These agreements allow airlines from these countries to start flights with agreed airports in India. Many leading foreign airlines, including Emirates, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, Turkish Air, Gulf Air, are ready to fly to Amritsar as long as they are bilateral. Air agreements (SAAs) are formal agreements between countries – accompanying memoranda of understanding (MoU) and diplomatic exchange notes. It is not mandatory to have an ASA for the operation of international services, but cases where there are services without a contract are rare. Bilateral agreements and arrangements allow for joint airworthiness certification of civil air products between two countries. Method of horizontal negotiations: changes with 41 countries and a regional organisation of eight Member States representing 670 other bilateral agreements. The latter has the advantages of simplicity and efficiency in terms of cost and time. Method of separate bilateral negotiations: correction of changes made with 73 partner countries representing 340 bilateral agreements. The result is that international air transport is regulated by a complex network of more than 3000 bilateral air services agreements. In recent years, groups of countries have come together to negotiate air agreements.

These agreements are called plurilateral agreements, but most international air services continue to be traded bilaterally. Bilateral agreements facilitate the reciprocal certificate of airworthiness of civil air products imported/exported between two signatory States. A bilateral airworthiness agreement (BAA) or a bilateral aviation safety agreement (BASA) with airworthiness implementation procedures (APIs) provides for technical cooperation between the FAA and its partner authorities in the field of civil aviation. The Ministry of Civil Aviation should allow airlines from other countries of bilateral countries to fly,” added Yogesh Kamra, Convener (India) for flyAmritsar Initiative. Manmohan Singh Brar, a member of the airport advisory committee, asked the central government to record direct flights from Amritsar to London, Toronto and Vancouver to commemorate Guru Nanak Dev`s 550th birthday. The success of airlines such as Scoot, Malindo, AirAsia X of Amritsar proves that the city and the state have great potential for direct international connections to other parts of the world.