Charter Communications Credit Agreement

 14 September 2021      

(Bloomberg Opinion) — President Donald Trump and two young conservative news networks seem determined to take down Rupert Murdoch`s fox news. They have a gunshot? In the weeks he lost his re-election run, Trump has stepped up the wide pages against his former election channel and prompted supporters to switch from Fox to the niches of the more pro-MAGA Newsmax TV and One America News Network. Both were more inclined to dispel the president`s false allegations about voter fraud that are banned from Fox on his nightly opinion shows — and even there, they`re starting to fade. For Newsmax and OAN, installing their car on the reality star, even if he leaves the White House, gave the best chance of plundering Fox`s audience and jumping out of the dark. Christopher Ruddy, CEO and majority owner of Newsmax, has visibly benefited from the sudden attention to his business, has given interviews in recent weeks to CNN, CNBC, the Daily Beast, the New Yorker and Variety and has done swips en route at Fox. He`s right about one thing: Fox can`t hold its interests into conflict. It cannot be taken seriously as a journalistic operation, while at the same time erating conservative margins and making conspiracy theories. And now places like Newsmax are making the last part better. Trump`s loss effectively put Fox at a crossroads. But if Newsmax or OAN will seriously bother the no. .