Collocation For Agreement

 15 September 2021      

There are different types of collocation consisting of combinations of verb, noun, adjective, etc. Some of the most common species are: The correct use of “compliance” collocations is an essential part of improving your level of English and increasing your IELTS score. The correct use of collocations + examples of “agreement” phrases allows you to write and speak more like a native speaker, and they are also one of the things examiners pay attention to when marking your tests. Refers to two or more entities that accept, write, and sign something in writing. In that case, it would be an executed contract. If you ask, “Has the agreement been signed?” ask yourself if the above things happened. You can also check other dialects: Accord (English, 中文解释), wordnet sense, Collins definition VERB + CONTRACT Many workers do not have written contracts. | Bid for, call for tenders for eighteen companies are offered around the market. | Price (sb), give sb | | The company lost its contract on behalf of a large London company. | She managed to negotiate a contract of indefinite duration with the company. | | Create, write Close, conclude, do, sign He has concluded a contract with his former employer. | perform the company that executes the construction contract | Termination, termination, rejection (law), resignation (law), termination Each party may terminate the contract at any time. | Subject to acceptance of the offer, subject to the contract (= the contract is not legally binding before the contract is signed).

| Breach of contract, breach, breach If you are on strike, you are violating the contract. | | (Right) enforce the exchange (law) When a house is auctioned, the successful bidder must immediately exchange contracts and pay a deposit. This is something that the agreement should do or something that is expected to be done. This could relate, among other things, to what he believes should be written into the agreement if the agreement were to be finalised. ADJ. Draft The draft treaty will be available two weeks before the meeting. | | The treaty is legally binding. | | informal, tacit, verbal | volunteers| definitive| Bilateral, international, multilateral, national Ceasefire, loans, rentals, peace, trade means that two additional units agree to some extent. You may not agree on everything or something in particular, but there is a general and fundamental convergence. This is an agreement that has already taken place. This collocation could speak to anything related to an agreement that has already been signed (if it was written) and (concluded, if it was oral). It applies to written terms or conditions set out in an agreement.

The tower operator undertakes to maintain the access roads to the sites in such order and repair as may be necessary in accordance with the standards of the tower industry and undertakes not to take any measures (except as provided by law, a governmental authority, an emphyteutic lease, a collocation agreement or any other agreement concerning the website) that would allow access to a governmental authority on the date of entry into force of the end of the website would affect or significantly affect….