Contoh Agreement Sewa Pejabat

 15 September 2021      

For the legality of the rental letter you validate, it is good that we discuss the points or things to include in the contract letter, such as: making a lease letter for a house for the first time is certainly not easy. It is therefore important to know the example of the right home rental contract so as not to be mistaken. If you see the example letter below, there is the signature of the witness at the time the letter was made. This document is also a marker of a black and white agreement in order to avoid disputes that may arise during rental activities. This section is filled with the period, start date and expiration of the lease agreement. For example, the rental period for one (one) year starts from March 20, 2020 to March 20, 2021. Remember that these penalties or fines should be enforced by mutual agreement and not just by the tenant.