Draft Of Registered Sale Agreement

 18 September 2021      

CERTIFICATE OF SALE – A legal instrument that is executed between the seller and the buyer and that attests to the sale and transfer of ownership of real estate is an instrument of sale. It is mandatory to register a deed of sale in accordance with section 17 of the Registration Act 1908. A sale agreement is an essential document in the process of selling and buying real estate. It is an essential document because it describes how the seller acquired the property, such as the date of the transaction, the amount of the consideration, etc. It acts as a critical document, especially for the buyer, since it notes the proof of ownership of the property. There is an appropriate procedure for the registration of the deed of sale, under which the land / real estate is prepared by appropriate documents, which pay the corresponding stamp fee and have them registered in the presence of witnesses. The deed of sale must be registered with the local sub-regulatory office. An unregistered certificate of sale has no value in the eyes of the law…