Image Copyright Agreement

 23 September 2021      

For the purposes of this Agreement, “use” means copying, reproducing, modifying, editing, synchronizing, performing, displaying, sending, publishing or using. Please be sure to read the Limited Uses section below for exceptions. If the target photo is protected by copyright, you should first contact the owner to learn more about the use. Although permission is granted to you free of charge, it ultimately belongs to the owner and you should meet all the requirements. films and images used in their original form, as modified and in full compliance with these laws of use and applicability, are not: (i) infringe copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights; (ii) violate the rights of third parties to privacy or publicity; (iii) in violation of any U.S. laws, laws, regulations, or regulations; or (iv) be defamatory, defamatory, pornographic or obscene. Any use of the licensed editorial content is also subject to the restrictions set out in Part I, Section 4 (prohibition of any use appearing on the site of the details of the image and/or in the metadata that is attached to an editorial content. B) through broadcasting/cable/OTT, on publication covers and in print runs greater than 500,000. .