Non Compete Agreements Tennessee

 29 September 2021      

Competition bans are very serious issues that are considered on a case-by-case basis by the courts. Just as One-Size-Fits-All agreements often fail, it is also a unitary defense against competition bans. The existence of an enforceable non-competition clause depends on a very thorough examination of the facts. That`s why, if you`re unsure of your competition bans, you should consult a lawyer experienced in non-competition by a former employer, threatened with litigation, or an employer who is trying to protect something in your workplace. To arrange a consultation interview to discuss your non-competition, you can contact my office at (901) 881-6205 to arrange a consultation. In Vantage Tech v. The court held that the non-competition clause was applicable, given that the defendant was not aware of confidential information, that he had not received specific training and that, therefore, the applicant did not have a protective commercial interest justifying the application of the non-competition clause. . . .