Termite Control Service Agreement

 11 October 2021      

Be aware! In the southeast, there are four types of underground termites. This agreement for underground termites, including formosan, is concluded between the customer and Goofy. Treatment is offered and the specific plan is valid for 12 months from the date of treatment. Plans can be extended up to 4 years per year. Sentricon can be extended for the life of the property. These are damages that are not covered by most insurance policies. In the southeast, underground termites are a frequent deposit, so it`s not a question of whether you have termites, but when. For some owners, the problem of pest control is not serious, and they do not need to conclude a recurring pest control contract. In other cases, owners may be uncertain about the investment or don`t like the idea of being bound by an agreement. While it`s understandable to want to see how a company copes after a single job before considering it for expanded services, it`s important to consider costs. For most companies, the cost of an agreement is much less expensive than repeated contracts that are not concluded through a service contract. With regard to job insecurity, most agreements are also compatible with a guarantee of job satisfaction and preparation. Don`t be incentivizing you to pay extra payments or buy additional treatments for formosan termite coverage! Treatments and fees are defined in individual agreements.

For many people, there are often considerable benefits to signing a service contract with their pest control company. It is often cheaper to set a number of schedules and payments for pest control services. It is also a question of comfort and safety. Instead of requiring repeated scheduling, a service agreement sketches out the calendar, or even certain dates, so you know when you can expect them and how to better plan your schedule. You can also be sure that your pest control problem will be easily continued for the duration of the agreement. A good way to consider a pest control service agreement is to view it as an assurance that the pest is not only removed, but kept away. . . .