My learning path for the VCAP-DCD exam

 11 April 2015         Leave a comment

At the beginning of this year I really wanted to challenge myself for the upcoming year. After completing MCSE 2012 last year which that once again showed me that if you understand the questioning of Microsoft Exams you can take virtually any exam without any preparations.

Even though Hyper-V of Microsoft has really evolved over the last years, I’m still a huge fan of the VMware virtualization platform which evolved even more. After being VPC for some years now I feel the time is right to take the next step. At the end of this month I will do the design VMware vSphere 5 design workshop to prepare for the VCAP-DCD exam which I think will be the most difficult exam I have ever taken in my life. After reading several blogs and forums about this exam I might even say that I am a little bit afraid for it. But, as with all my exams, I will prepare for the exam and take the test with full confidence. I hope to be fully prepared before the start of the summer, so in the autumn I would be able to start preparing for the VCAP-DCA exam.

There is so much material available that it is a real puzzle to find the right exam preparation tools. For start I will take the Design workshop, also reading the book of Paul McSharry, the official CertGuide for the VCAP-DCD (ISBN -13: 978-0-7897-5018-1) and of course I’ve downloaded the exam blueprint from VMware.

I wonder if anyone has any tips for me

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